We're sending a wob request to the AP

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We're sending a wob request to the AP

On the 8th of November, 2021, we've sent a wob request to the AP. A wob request is a Dutch version of a FOIA request where you can ask the government to release any documents on any matter. Any journalist or citizen can ask this, and as long as the request isn't too broad or risking anyone's privacy, the request is to be fulfilled within 4 weeks.

We're sending this wob request as a result of a few unusual phone calls with the AP, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The AP acts as a watchdog for privacy law in the Netherlands, yet it seems their activity concerning data collection in the education sector has been quite disappointing.

Recently, the AP released a report on the data collection and strong dependency on large tech companies in the education sector, although we believe the report has only been published as a result of one of our phone calls: the report is only 6 pages long, and merely consists of a compilation of documents the AP has previously written.

We're going to find out what the AP has done to prevent data collection of children in public schools, and we're going to see what has gone wrong in the Netherlands if they have done too little. And they have: data collection is still a large issue, as by their letter half a year ago.

You can read the wob request yourself if you're interested.