Digital Justice

Digital Justice is a group of people who want digital human rights for everyone. Together, we solve the issues that arise in a digital world.

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Skip Signal and move to Matrix before it's too late

If you're not very familiar with the digital world, this article will explain to you in layman's terms why Signal is not a long-term solution to an app like WhatsApp.


Facebook apologises for classifying black men as primates

Artifical intelligences can have racial biases. Caucasian faces are 10 to 100 times more likely to be correctly recognized and identified than African-American faces and Asian faces, which has...

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What we stand for

Software Warranty

Software doesn't erode from natural causes, therefore deserves a longer life expectancy.


Freedom of Installation

No one should be required or expected to run specific software on their electronic device.


Software Autonomy

Walled gardens limit freedom. Anyone should have the right to reprogram their device.


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Learn how we can achieve digital justice

If the new EU privacy laws don't stop big tech companies from stealing your data, is there anything that does?

How can a modern democracy ensure that I'm not being tracked online?

Why is it so difficult for everyone to leave Facebook? How can we make it easier?